Saturday, May 2, 2009

Buggsie Bunnie Brings Good News Easter 2009

Hello and Easter Blessings!!!
Time flies when you are having fun!!! The Lord has been gracious to us and given us sooo much fun so time really flies for us!!!! Here we are in the middle picture with our friends at Lakeside Extended Care and Rehab in Harbor Beach. The back left Bunnie is our friend Richard Roberts who plays marvelous banjo and sings and puts up with us for the wonderful cause of loving people. We sing and play with Richard at 2 facilities in Harbor Beach. Lower left is our friend Ilene who lives here at Lakeview Extended Care and Rehab who plays delightful piano all by ear.. she is wonderful!!! Ilene brought her piano here and during the week the residents enjoy Ilene as she serenades them with soothing panio music. Here is Buggsie Bunnie...Buggsie Bunnie doesn't bring Easter Candy, nor Easter Baskets... He brings a beautiful message of Jesus Promise and Love for us. Here is a special poem Buggsie gives each resident as we arrive. Red is for the blood He gave, Green is for the grass He made, Yellow is for the sun so bright, Orange is for the edge of night, Black is for the sins we made, White is for the Grace He gave, Purple is for His hour of sorrow, Pink is for our New Tomorrow. A bag full of Jelly Beans Colorful and Sweet, Is a prayer, is a promise Is a special treat, May the JOY of Christ’s Resurrection fill your heart with HOPE and bless your life with Jesus Love!!! We tell them as they do eat jelly beans to remember this poem and the Promise Jesus has for them!!!! Buggsie puts this poem on a egg shaped piece of paper and on the back of it is the GOSPEL PROMISE FOR EVERYONE IN THE WORLD ... John 3: 16 - For God so Loved The World that He gave His Only Begotten Son that Whosoever Believes in Him Shall Not perish but have Everlasting Life!!!! May this poem and Scripture Promise touch your heart today and forever!!! Jesus loves you sooo much, you are sooo precious to Jesus that if your were the only one here on this earth Jesus would of died for you alone so you could be in Heaven with Him forever. It is Jesus desire that NOT ONE PERSON PERISH BUT WOULD HAVE ETERNAL LIFE WITH HIM FOREVER!!!!! With that said here is a prayer, pray this prayer if you never asked Jesus into your heart or pray this prayer if you would like to renew your faith...
Dear Jesus, Thank You for dying on the cross and destroying satans scheme for me. Thank You for defeating death, and rising from the dead OH GLORIOUS DAY!!! Resurrecting on the 3rd day, so that I can live with you FOREVER!!!! Jesus I am sorry for my sins and I ask you to forgive my sins. I ask you Jesus to make yourself real to me today and come into my heart right now so that I can live forever with you. You are the only way Jesus and I accept you into my life today. I pray you help me everyday of my life to live for you and show your love thru me to every person I come in contact with. In Jesus name Amen. If you were not a Christian and just prayed this prayer Welcome!!! You are now a KINGS KID!!! Jesus will reveal Himself to you everyday of your life, He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will work every area of your life whether good or bad into a precious treasure to grow you and Glorify Him thru God The Father!!! WELCOME FOREVER KINGS KID !!!!!!! God Bless you all!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Time 2008

Dear Friends, Wowzer!!!! Has it been a long time since we have blogged!!! A lot has happened in 2008 and here it is January 13th 2009. Here are just a few things that have went on in the last 1/2 year. November 11th 2008 The Lord blessed us with a new Grandson. Carson Eric Stout. He is adorable and healthy we are sooo excited!! In December we were asked to sing for a Elf Program at Harbor Beach School. Here is a photo of that. Raymond complained the whole time because I made him elf ears that looked like Cinnamon buns!!!! Also in December we were asked to sing for the Elkton Retirees and here are our friends Josey and Gladys with Raymond. Next but my goodness... we sang or should I say Raymond's sister and I, Raymona sang for the Red Hatters Christmas Party . Here is a photo of the Queen Mom and Raymona. Raymond showed up later but how lovely Raymona looked!!! We had a wonderful Christmas and we hope you did too!! We pray all is well with you all and The Lord brings you in a closer relationship with Him. Jesus is the Reason For The Season!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary July 12,2008

Happy Anniversary!! Happy Anniversary!! Happy Anniversary!!! Happy Anniversary!!! Yes you are seeing double pictures and I wanted to make double sure you knew it!!! We had the most wonderful wonderful Anniversary!!!!!! At the Top you see Raymond and I with our FIVE YEAR OLD CAKE TOPPER and cake wire of the bride and groom Raymond made and the happiest girl in the world!!! ME SUSAN!!! We had the most wonderful Anniversary day we sat around and reminisced and looked at photos and our scrapbook. NEXT!!!!! SUPRISE SUPRISE SUPRISE!!!!Our Precious Friend Deb and the other nurses and Residents at Autumwood Thu us a Anniversary Party!!!! Deb and others there keep an eye on our website and Deb told everone and Deb made a WONDERFUL YUMMIE cake and our other friend Nancy and the residents designed a card for us!!!! Everyone signed it too!!! Both the cake and the card were made with such love!!! We are soooo blessed!!! Thank You!!! What a wonderful 5th Anniversary Memory for us!!!! I am the luckiest woman ithe world!!!!! God Bless you!!! We love you all!!

Raymond picked the roses out of the rose garden he planted for me for our anniversary!!!

Port Austin Farmers Market Kids Day

Here is Depner Farms Peppie The Chicklett, John and Hector The Holstein at the Port Austin Farmers Market. John and his sweet wife are 2 of the very busy organizers of this event!!!! There is something here for everyone!!!! They even have Horse Drawn Wagon rides thru Port Austin FOR FREE at this event!!!!! This is our 4th year we have attended this wonderful event!!!! It is a MUST GO TO!!!

Spring Event -Embracing Our Earth IV -Part 2

Here we are at Embracing Our Earth IV at Laker High School April 26, 2008. First Notice the wonderful suit Raymond has on and the cool hat I have on!! All together all the paper Raymond recycled and the tuxedo I sewed it took us together collectively 40 hours. To the left we are with our Dear Dear Friend Bill Diller. He is pretty photo shy but we managed to get him to pose for this photo.
Next the lower photo is us with State Representative Terry Brown. We even "sorta" got Representative Brown to do the chicken dance with us.?? Kinda. :<) To the right is the group Tropical Mix we had the privilege to play and sing with!!! We had a blast dancing with them too with their steal drums!!! Thet Loved to sing and dance about The Lord so it was even better yet!!!!!!!!!!

Spring Event: Embracing Our Earth IV --Part 1

Here is Raymond holding up one of the 7 bags of paper we were given by a dear freind. He ground the paper in a blender and made it into pulp and squeezed and squished and SMUSHED the water out as you can see in these photos getting ready for our first Spring Event we were invited to sing at called:"Embracing our Earth IV" at Laker High School April 25, 2008. What a wondeful event it was it made us very concious of how much we waste and don't re-use and don't recycle. It hs changed our lives!!!! We had wasted the precious gifts God gave u but not any more!!!! With this paper I sewed a Paper Tuxcedo and a Top Hat for Raymond and Raymond made 3 base ball type hats one for me to wear one to give the friend who gave us all the paper and one just for fun!!! We were very blessed to be asked to this event. It was a real NEW WAY OF Life Opener!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chicklett Hamburger Head Holstein

Hi Peppie The Chicklette Here!!!
Well here I am with Hector The Holstein and Dave The Hamburger Head!!! What!!!!! This Is Dave The Administrator of Autumnwood promoting to eat Hamburger right in front of Hector The Holstein!!!! Poor Hector how sad he must be to be standing there with Dave The Hamburger Head!!!! (Actually I put it on Dave's head to Bugg Hector !!What a good sport!!!) Hector and I did a Children's Nutrition Program at Harbor Beach Community School. A long time friend of Hector, Shelly Boehmer had asked Hector and I to preform this program but the nerve of them they had chicken roll up sandwiches to eat!!! Hector kept on telling everyone to eat them too!!! That could of been a cousin!!! That really Bugged me!!! Speaking of Bugging here are some trivia questions on Health and Nutrition lets see how much you knew. God Bless you and stay away from those chicken drumetts hamburgers are better!!! Signed Peppie The Chicklette
Which of the following nutrients is needed as the main structural component of the body? Carbohydrates Protein Fat

Which of the following nutrients
is known as the sunshine vitamin?
Vitamin C Vitamin A Vitamin D Hector and I thought it was C

All of the following are needed
for strong bones except:
Vitamin A Calcium Magnesium

Which of these nutrients is the
preferred energy source for the body?
Carbohydrates B Complex Vitamins
This nutrient is needed for a healthy immune system and strong connective tissue:
Vitamin K Vitamin C Fluoride

Which of the following is the best source for Omega 3 oils?
Wheat products Pork Sardines

This mineral is essential for healthy red blood cells & a deficiency causes anemia.
Iron Magnesium Iodine

This vitamin is needed to prevent a birth defect called Spina Bifida
Vitamin D Vitamin A Folic Acid

This nutrient is needed for healthy thyroid function:
Iodine Fluoride Chromium

Hope You enjoyed The quiz!! God Bless!!!